Creating a YouTube How-To

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To create a YouTube how-to video completely from scratch.


As an in-class assignment, we were tasked with creating a how-to video for YouTube utilizing what we know in both Adobe After Effects and Premier. We must put out camera, editing, and audio skills to the test. 


The first step within the process was to propose a topic that we would like to do. The topic had to be approved by the teacher to make sure that it had the potential pull he was looking for. I had two ideas, one was for Vietnamese spring rolls and the other was for brake pad replacements.

Ultimately we decided on doing the spring rolls as we felt like it had more potential for a wider audience. After all, more people enjoy cooking than working on a car. 


The next step in the process was to find some videos as inspiration. It’s a good idea to look within the topic that you are working with, so I decided to bring up one of my favorite food related channels, Munchies.

Ironically enough, my favorite series from Munchies is the “How-To” cooking series. I’ve always really enjoyed how natural and free-flowing the videos feel.


The next course of action was to create a storyboard and a script. I went with a very loose iteration for this as I knew that I wanted to freeform the actual video to make it seem more natural. I ended up following the storyboard relatively closely – there’s only so much differentiation when creating something by recipe. 


I filmed the video with two DSLRs and an Iphone camera. The process was simple enough, set up shots as I went and record the audio at a later point. I used different shooting techniques such as wide shots, close shots, and medium shots.


I connected the videos and audio together through Adobe Premier. I used Adobe After Effects for any sort of effects that I wanted on the screen.