Personal YouTube Introduction

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To create a short 10 second intro for my design YouTube page using Adobe After Effects. The intro must include my work, logo, and website. 


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Understanding After Effects

With this project I really wanted to try and branch out within After Effects and practice using techniques that I have not or don’t typically use. After Effects is incredibly diverse in how one can create interesting content which gives me plenty of room to explore.


I created a storyboard with an incredibly different idea than what I ended up creating. My original idea was to have different fields of design that I would want to showcase slide in with examples and eventually zoom out to reveal that it is the crossbar of the “H” in my logo. 

Second Thoughts

When I initially started creating my idea in After Effects it wasn’t quite coming out how I had hoped. The concept was still interesting but when creating it visually through After Effects, it just didn’t do it for me. I went back to the drawing board and decided to create something different.

Creating The Intro In After Effects

When creating my new vision in After Effects, I used a nice blend of special techniques such as 3D layering, gradient wipes, and camera movement to perfect what I was going for. 

Finished Product