Cinemagraphs: Creating The Red Bull Cinemagraph

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THE OBJECTIVE: To create a marketable cinemagraph for Red Bull Red Edition energy drinks.

The Idea

Red Bull has always been about energy and extreme. For this cinemagraph, I wanted to showcase that the Red Bull was giving me energy.

Finding The Perfect Spot

Behind my apartment complex lies a disc golf course on the outskirts of a large park. I thought the idea of using disc golf as the main ingredient for showcasing energy was great because not only is your body in motion but so is the disc. 

Shooting The Shot

I went out to the course with my girlfriend and our dog and had her record the video as I threw the disc. In the particular part of the course that we were in, there was an old wooden post that no longer has any use. I wanted the Red Bull to sit atop the post in the foreground while I was throwing in the background.

Editing In Cinemagraph Pro

Carving out the non-moving sections of this cinemagraph was tricky because of the wings I had added to the Red Bull can. 

The Final Cinemagraph