Cinemagraphs: Creating The Purina Cinemagraph

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THE OBJECTIVE: To create a marketable cinemagraph for Purina Pro Plan.

The Idea

I thought that it would be a fun idea to incorporate my dog into a cinemagraph. What better way to do that than by incorporating him into one by doing his favorite thing, eating.

Finding The Perfect Spot

The cinemagraph was shot in the living room of my apartment. This is where he typically eats, so I didn’t want to go anywhere else. The key was for him to be as comfortable as possible, not like he would have really minded anyway.

Shooting The Shot

For the most part the shot wasn’t hard. The original idea was for him to be sitting on the ground waiting for the food with his tail and nothing else moving. That didn’t end up working out so I went with the other approach, just have him eat. The shot coulnd’t have taken too long as he eats very fast so I had to get it done on the first try.

Editing In Cinemagraph Pro

The part that needed to be masked out of the still image was his head and a tiny bit of his shoulder and leg to make the movement fluid and not janky.

The Final Cinemagraph