Cinemagraphs: Creating The Gucci Cinemagraph

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THE OBJECTIVE: To create a marketable cinemagraph for Gucci Ace sneakers.

The Idea

The Gucci Ace’s to me have always been shoes that could be worn for numerous occasions that people wouldn’t think to wear them for. I wanted to extend this idea by having a basketball scene with the shoes showcased as the main attraction.

Finding The Perfect Spot

The college that I attend has a brand new basketball court on the edge of its perimeter which is where I thought would be the perfect shot. The court is a nice blue color instead of the classic asphalt black color of most which I thought would be a nice contrast.

Shooting The Shot

Using a DSLR camera, I set the position on the ground facing a basketball hoop. With some help of some friends, both VenomDesignz and ZayaCreates, we set the shot up so that they would be playing in the background between my feet as I stood watching. 

Editing In Cinemagraph Pro

The moving part itself is only between my feet. Everything else within the video is considered the still image. The word “Gucci” and the Gucci logo were also later added to the still image through photoshop.

The Final Cinemagraph