Cinemagraphs: Creating The Audi Cinemagraph

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THE OBJECTIVE: To create a marketable cinemagraph for a 2018 Audi A4.

Sketching The Idea

The original idea that I had composed was to have the Audi shot from behind with half the left half of it shown as a car drives by in the background. Everything in the video will be frozen except for the taillight which will be active.

Testing The Waters

I went out to a local parking lot to get an idea of how the shot would look in real life. I wanted to test the waters with just the single car before staging the entire cinemagraph. The straight behind angle worked very well, it was just a bit too close. For this to work correctly, the Audi logo on the car needed to also be in the shot. I also attempted to take a secondary shot as an experiment with the car turned more but it did not come out as well as I had thought it would.

Finding The Perfect Spot

I took advantage of the fact that family was coming to visit so I could have some help with staging the cinemagraph. We had found the perfect spot in Lincoln, RI – a large and empty parking lot located off a main road.

Editing the Video

The primary program used to edit the video to create the cinemagraph was “Cinemagraph Pro” by Flixel. The program is very easy to use and essentially boils down to “mask out what you want to move and choose a still frame”. I masked out the taillight as well as some surrounding area for the reflection.

The still frame features some editing through Photoshop to add the Audi logo and extra marketing text.

The Final Cinemagraph