Creating a 3D Magazine Cover With Cinema 4D

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The Project

When presented with this project, I had never used Cinema 4D, much less any 3D modeling program for that matter. Creating highly detailed, strong 3D models is a very lengthy but rewarding process. Combining both my Illustrator skills and my newly learned Cinema 4D skills, I set out to create a powerful message told through a magazine cover.

The topic in question is e-waste or electronic waste. This refers to anything electronic that has been thrown out and not recycled properly. E-waste seems to be a topic that everyone is aware of but nobody wants to acknowledge how much of an issue it is. General recycling is becoming more and more widespread as global climate change shows its effects more and more, but it seems like a lot of people still aren’t really bothered with e-waste. E-waste dumping grounds create “Hell on Earth” situations for towns in countries like Ghana where not properly recycled e-waste gets sent to.