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LoCa is a small business started by a husband and wife looking to rent housing. LoCa is located in central mass (soon to be moving to North Carolina) and will focus on renting out houses around high-traffic tourist areas for traveling individuals/families. I was tasked with creating a logo for the couple that expressed what they were all about.

Clients Specifications

When working with clients who desire a logo, it’s always best to ask them what they have in mind before you start working on anything. After all, the client knows exactly what they want, even if they don’t know it right away. 

When speaking to LoCa, They described that they were thinking of either incorporating a house or a key, two very essential parts of home rentals. LoCa also wanted to incorporate the full name into the logo: “LoCa Enterprise”.

Sketching My Ideas

I went ahead and tried to take what they told me and turn it into a reality. An idea that I really liked in regards to the key idea was to incorporate a house where the keys’ teeth were supposed to be. 

Illustrating The Logos

I went ahead and illustrated a few of the sketched logos as well as some new, different ideas that I had come up with after the fact. I ended up falling in love with the top right design the minute I created it. To me it’s both professional as well as gives off a playful vibe, which matches the name of the business. I also experimented with a much more serious logo, the middle design on the bottom row, which I thought was interesting but ultimately didn’t fit exactly what they were about.

Choosing A Design

When presenting the clients with the logos that I had come up with, they were also attracted to the same design that I was. They had also really enjoyed the key design but eventually went for this design, specifically the middle design on the right.

Mocking Up The Design

A good idea for any logo design is to mock it up in the environment it will be used in. For this project, I wanted to mock the design onto a for sale sign so the clients could get a perspective on how it would look on a sign.


The clients were overall very pleased with how the design had come out and so was I. It leaves a strong message and says exactly what it is about. The entire process behind this was very interesting as it was one of my first projects working with real clients (outside of personal projects and school projects) and it really helped put the process into perspective.