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DailyUI is a Dribbble based challenge in which each day the designer is tasked with creating a different UI element. This is a strong exercise used to strengthen the designers UI skills by forcing them to dabble into elements that they might not have otherwise. The core of the daily UI challenge relies on how vague each days challenge is. They’re only described by one to two words and nothing more. The lack of restrictions lets your mind run wild with a plethora of interesting ideas.

Day 1 - Sign Up

The first day of the daily UI challenge is to create a sign up page. I decided to go with a simple phone app sign in interface for a cloud storage app that I created called “Nimbus”. 

A basic sign up page requires  a few necessary fields: email, username, and password. The re-enter password field gives a small layer of security and verifies that the user didn’t enter a password that they didn’t mean to. 

Giving the users an option to sign up through an account already created on another, more popular platform is an ease-of-access feature that I think a lot of people appreciate.

Day 2 - Checkout

A simple checkout design for an Iphone XS. This specific design element is for the payment information screen during the checkout process.

Day 3 - Landing Page

For day 3, I created a landing page for the newly released Hyundai Veloster N. I wanted to go at an angle that still made it look and feel like a car brand website. I wanted to give it the feel of the current Hyundai website while still being unique and my own.

Day 4 - Calculator

A simple currency calculator that accurately calculates the current conversion rates based on what Google currently displays. The calculator also includes the long-term conversion rates for the currencies.

Day 5 - App Icon

A minimalistic weather app icon. A simple use of gradient for the background goes a long way to help tie in everything.

Day 6 - User Profile

A user profile for a record collecting social media app. The objective was to create a solid UI that both social media veterans and new users could understand and navigate with ease. A full case study about this user interface can be found by clicking here.