Personal Branding

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Personal branding is one of the most important parts of being a professional designer. It represents who you are, your style, and your personality. It’s a creative space where you can express who you truly are and for that one must be ready to put serious time and effort into the idea.

Simplicity Is Key

I very much enjoy simplicity. To me, a logo should be simplistic yet sophisticated. The logo should be able to be read and understood from any size on any surface. Over-complicated can be hard to read at smaller sizes and could cause confusion for the viewer.

Early Sketches

Starting out, I really wasn’t sure what angle I wanted to go for. I had two primary options in my head, either use my full initials “SMH” or my other idea “Droffah Designs”, which is my last name (Hafford) backwards. 

Rough Drafts

I came up with a few quick ideas for both the “SMH” and “Droffah” names. I very much liked the idea of utilizing two D’s for the Droffah Design name. 

I sat on both ideas for awhile after creating the rough drafts and finally decided on continuing with the “Droffah Designs” name. I thought that it was more clever and unique than just using my initials/name.

Fine Tuning The Design

I went with the ‘double d’ design choice with a different twist than originally planned. I thought it would be a neat idea to combine both a lowercase ‘d’ and an uppercase ‘D’.

I took this and created two different renditions of the idea, a more rounded straight-forward design and a three-dimensional more abstract design.

Furthering The Brand

As per an assignment for a class, I created a whole host of mockups with the three-dimensional logo that I chose. Business cards, a letterhead, mailing label, and envelope. I pursued the idea further by creating the current website, “” as well as created numerous social media channels under said alias.

Second Thoughts

I loved the “Droffah Designs” idea but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to brand myself as me and not something else. I eventually came to the conclusion to use my initials as a logo instead of the “dD” design. I’m also starting to slowly transition towards fully using my name “Sean Hafford” instead of “Droffah Designs”. I feel like this move makes my work more personal and less business-like.


Branding oneself is an important part of being a designer. It’s how you represent yourself. It shows people how you carry yourself and what your style is about. This project helped me figure out who I was as a designer. It helped establish what kind of styles I liked and how I wanted to represent myself to the world.