Craigslist Redesign

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A Classic Giant

Craigslist is a buy-sell-trade website founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark. Craigslist originally was created as an email distribution list and quickly became a strong market that hosted jobs, housing, items for sale, services, community events, and much more. Craigslist today is known world-wide and can be used in well over 40 countries.

A Stagnate Design

Craigslist has never been the website to be flashy. The design has practically been the same for the entire lifespan very little customization. Craigslist has always been very barebones and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While being very basic in style, Craigslist still manages to have one of the best user experiences in internet history. Everything is laid out directly in front of the user with nothing to hide. Craigslist is interesting with the fact that it has never really updated to continue to modernize itself. It has always just kept to itself and left the users to do what they needed. It thrives off of returning users and posters that trust its methods. 


Craigslist is in no way in any form of danger. Being the 19th most visited website in the United States, Craigslist after all these years still holds an enormous user base. What exactly is keeping everyone here? How has it managed to have such a loyal user base? The answer is simple: Craigslist lets the users do what they need to do without interruption. Throughout your entire time browsing Craigslist, you will never be interrupted with anything. No popups, no ads, nothing. This simple philosophy of “leaving the users alone to do what they need to do” is as bold as it is effective. 

Modernizing The Classic

My goal for this project was to see how far I could modernize Craigslist without taking away the strong user experience it currently has. I took inspiration from current design trends as well as item specific search engines, market apps, and auction websites. I also took a journey into the numerous B/S/T applications/websites that have cropped up over the years, namely things like FaceBook Market and LetGo. I wanted to get a feel for what the competition was doing to modernize before I gave this a chance.

Prototyping My Ideas

I went straight into Adobe XD with this project. I had a very clear vision in my head that I wanted to create and I knew exactly how I was going to do it. I wanted to prototype three things: the homepage, the posts page, and the creating a listing interface.

Adobe XD is a super interesting program because of its ability to actually make the interfaces responsive and how the prototyping works.

Beyond the homepage, the posts page, and creating a listing, I went ahead and also created prototypes for a login interface and a signup interface as well as multiple homepages. 

Fluidity Is Key

The core principles of Craigslist needed to be present in this redesign. The users don’t need to be bombarded with useless information and junk. I kept everything as clean as possible while simply updating the layout to give a more modern feel. Each interface needed to flow into one another without any sort of strong interruption. The information needed to be readily available to everyone, just like in the original website. The key is fluidity and experience.

An Interesting Take

Craigslist has always been the odd one out with its classic take on web design. With this redesign, I wanted to bring it up to par with other modern websites to really see what it would look like. I really enjoyed how it came out and I plan on taking this project further with responsive tablet and phone designs.

Creating A New Post

Post Browsing

Responsive Home Image

User Profile


The design is modern, sleek, and isn’t intrusive. I really wanted to keep the excellent user experience that Craigslist currently has and really just fine tune it. While maybe a small amount of that user experience was lost in the depth of a more modern user interface, it still stands strong. I want to continue this project and fully flesh out the website completely as well as create responsive tablet and phone versions that showcase the same. Adobe XD is an incredibly powerful tool for prototyping potential user interfaces and I can’t wait to continue to grow my knowledge of the program.